Closeup of hops cones on a plant.

Nugget Hops

I think many of us can remember the sour face we made when we had our first sip of beer. But over time, you come to appreciate bitterness as a vital part of the overall beer experience. And for over 50 years, Nugget Hops are generally viewed as one of the best bittering hops.

Hops cones on a plant.

Northern Brewer Hops

If you’re in the mood to try a classic European hop used in the breeding process of many other plants, Northern Brewer is for you. Northern Brewer is a slightly bitter, dual-purpose hop often used in beers that need mellowing out. While it’s mainly added as a bittering agent, Northern Brewer still imparts minty, evergreen, …

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Hops cones growing on a plant.

Simcoe Hops

If you’re at all familiar with hops, you’ve likely heard of Simcoe Hops. Simcoe is one of the most popular hop varieties used in modern brewing. It’s especially popular among craft brewers and homebrewers who love its complex but smooth bitterness. While Simcoe is most well-known for its use with IPAs and double IPAs, people …

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Hops cones on plant.

Galaxy Hops

If you’re looking for a hop plant that’s out of this world, pun intended, give Galaxy Hops a try. Galaxy is one of the most beloved hop plants for IPA lovers and has the highest concentration of essential oils in the industry. It’s a dual-purpose hop loved for its citrusy flavors and tropical aftertaste. In …

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Hops cones and hops pellets.

Zappa Hops

If you love beer and music, we’ve found the next hop plant for you – Zappa hops. Zappa is named after legendary musician, Frank Zappa. It’s a hop plant that’s beginning to gain recognition in the beer industry, especially in IPAs. Featuring a combination of fruity and spicy flavors, Zappa is the perfect hop to …

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Hops cones growing on plant.

Magnum Hops

High in alpha content and beloved for its high content of bitterness, Magnum hops are among the top European hops on the market today. While it was once the top hop plant in Europe, it now holds the number two spot while maintaining extremely high ratings. In this article, we’ll look at the history of …

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Hallertau Hops

For all the beer buffs who appreciate an excellent German or Bavarian brew, this article is for you. Hallertau hops originate from Germany and is considered one of four “noble” hops. Although it’s been in steady decline for nearly half a century, it’s been used to create many hop plants similar to the Hallertau. The …

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Comet Hops

ess. Comet hops are rarely used in the commercial production of beer, but it’s a favorite of homebrewers. It features a strong grapefruit flavor and is extremely high in alpha content.