Citra Hops Growing

Citra Hops: A Comprehensive Guide to Flavor and Brewing Techniques

Citra Hops has taken the craft beer world by storm, with its unique flavor and aroma profiles. This high-alpha acid hop variety has a strong yet smooth blend of floral and citrus characteristics. Specific aroma descriptors for Citra include grapefruit, citrus, peach, melon, lime, gooseberry, passion fruit, and lychee. With these tropical fruit flavors, Citra …

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Closeup of hops cones on a plant.

Willamette Hops

Different countries have different hop varieties that they consider the cornerstones of brewing beer. In the United States, Willamette hops are often considered our pride and joy when it comes to home-grown hops.

Hops cones on plant.

Idaho 7 Hops

The Idaho 7 Hop is one of more intriguing hops varieties sporting stone fruit and tropical notes with hints of sticky pine plus the faint earthy flavor of black tea. Idaho 7 is a high-yielding variety with dense cones that compliments a wide variety of beer styles. It’s a fantastic late addition with alpha acid …

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Hops cones on a plant.

Nelson Sauvin Hops

There are few hop varieties as wild and unique as Nelson Sauvin Hops. First off, let’s make sure everyone knows that this hop plant isn’t named after some guy named Nelson Sauvin. It’s named in part after the legendary grape used to produce Sauvignon Blanc wine and also for the area where it was discovered. …

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Hops cones on plant.

Vic Secret Hops

I’m guessing that when you think of Victoria’s Secret, many things pop into your mind’s eye, but beer isn’t one of them. However, Vic Secret hops from Victoria, Australia, is changing all of that. Counter to popular belief, Vic Secret hops is named after the state of Victoria, where it was discovered, rather than the …

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Hops cones on a plant.

Chinook Hops

While Chinook hops doesn’t have as flashy or dramatic of an origin story as some other hop varieties, it’s no less important to American craft beer. It was developed at a time when craft breweries were popping up throughout the country and Chinook made an impression almost immediately. It’s had its fair share of struggles, …

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Hops cones on a plant.

El Dorado Hops

If you’re in the market for a relatively new and exciting hop variety, you should give El Dorado Hops a try. El Dorado is new compared to most other hop varieties as it was only released in 2010 after two years of testing and development. El Dorado is famous for its high alpha content that …

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Hops cones growing on plant.

Centennial Hops

Centennial hops is the third of a trio of hops that are often referred to as the three C’s. It joins Cascade and Columbus as three of the most instrumental hop varieties to spark the American craft beer movement. Centennial is a dual-purpose hop with high alpha content and extremely high myrcene oil levels. This …

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Hops cones on plant.

Strata Hops

When the late Rock & Roll legend Jimi Hendrix wrote “Purple Haze,” he may have envisioned something like Strata hops. This hop has a bluesy, deep, and rich mix of fruity tropical flavors with a hint of a smoky flavor Cheech and Chong fans are very familiar with. Let’s take a magic bus tour to …

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Hops cones on plant.

Motueka Hops

If you’re looking for a zingy and zany dual-purpose citrus hop, give Motueka hops a try. Motueka is named for the New Zealand region in which it was created and is currently grown. It’s loved for the intense flavor and aroma that it produces but has enough alpha acid to be used for bittering as …

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