Home Brewing Recipe: Scottish Ale (extract)


Home Brewing Recipe: Scottish Ale (extract)

Recipe Type: Scottish Ale
Author: Jamie
OG hits around 1.054 and FG should be around 1.015 giving you a 5.1% beer. It comes in around 16.6 IBU’s and is medium brown in color. This is an Arizona Four peaks Kilt lifter clone and does a good job of it though side by side there is still a difference. I found this clone a while back and made a few changes.
  • • 6 lbs Plain light Briess DME
  • • 1 lbs crystal 80 grains
  • .5 lbs Light Munic
  • .5 lbs Vienna
  • .5 lbs Carapil
  • .3 lbs Caramunich
  • Edinburgh Scottish Ale Yeast
  • 1 Oz Kent Golding 40 min
  • .5 Oz Fuggle 10 min
  1. Steep specialty grains for 25 min at 155F. Bring to a boil and add DME. Add the Kent Golding at 40 min left and the Fuggle at 10 min left. Cool, and pitch the yeast.
  2. Ferment until satisfied or complete, Mine took 12 days to reach the FG. Bottle/keg Enjoy

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