Spent Grain Dog Treats

Do you ever wonder what a good way to use all of those spent grains. Mostly I have just tossed them out because I do not have a compost and I previously didn’t really look for another alternative. I recently found a great recipe for spent grain dog treats that would be great for any brewer that at least does a specialty grain steep.


  • 4 cups of spent grains
  • ¾ cups of peanut butter (chunky or smooth)
  • 2 cups of flower
  • 2 eggs

You can double our triple this recipe to make more treats. One recipe make a regular sized cookie sheet full of dog treats.


  1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl as you see fit. As long as they are reasonably mixed they will be fine. Since peanut butter is sort of tough to mix I warm it up in the microwave for thirty seconds or so to make it easier.mix
  2. Plop the entire mixture onto a cookie sheet and spread out over the entire sheet. Either spray the sheet with a nonstick spray or use foil to keep the treats from sticking.spreadingspreading out
  3. Score the treats with a toothpick or butter knife into whatever shape you want or from the treats with a cookie cutter of your own desired shape.scored
  4. Bake at 350 for 30 min. Then turn down the oven to 225 for an additional 2 hours just to dry out the treats. You don’t want them moist because over time they may mold.
  5. Let them cool and break the treats along the scoring lines.finished

Once the treats are cooled down feel free to let your dog try them. Spent grains are usually fine for dogs. If you are concerned if these dog treats are healthy for your dog ask your vet what they think. I have seen many people make these treats for their dogs and even a local brewery gives them out for free to visiting dogs. My dog loves them and will do anything she can to get one. I hope your dog likes them too!

4 thoughts on “Spent Grain Dog Treats”

  1. Funny, I just made these for the first time over the weekend using the recipe from HomeBrewTalk. My little Chihuahua puppies LOVE them. Since they only need little bits, I took a bag to the neighbors and their shepard and burmese love them too. They wouldn’t leave me alone after I gave them one. Definitely a great alternative to buying overpriced liver treats!

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