Award Winning Blackberry Wheat Recipe

This amazing recipe is from our Homebrewer of the Month, Sean Besser Hank. Read his complete interview and give him a huge thanks for this recipe. Also make sure to let us know how your Blackberry Wheat turns out!

AwardsBlackberry Wheat (All Grain):



Yeast – White Labs – American Hefeweizen (WLP320)

Mash for 60 min at 154 degrees F and follow above hop schedule and ferment between 63 – 66 degrees.  After fermentation is done transfer to secondary and add 24 oz of blackberries.  Bottle/keg when you have the blackberry flavor you like (I usually wait 2 – 4 weeks depending how sweet they are).

Estimated Starting Gravity – 1.048

Estimated Final Gravity – 1.015

Estimated ABV – 4.3%

IBUs – 22

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