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The 11 Best Mexican Beers You Need to Try

Mexican beer appeals through quality, unique lager properties, and history dating back to the 19th century. The Germans and Austrians who settled in Mexico in the 1800s had a lot of influence on Mexican breweries and brewing style. Mexican beer is gaining popularity in over 150 countries across the world. 

There are many brands of Mexican beer, but many people only know about Corona. It is a staple in many Mexican celebrations, such as Cinco De Mayo. In this article, we will review some of the best Mexican beers you should try. 

Two glasses of the best Mexican beer to quench your thirst
Quench your thirst with one or two of the best Mexican beers.

What Is Mexican Beer?

Mexico has been brewing beer since the 19th century with German and Austrian Immigrants. The Germans brewed the beer for local commercial consumption. They soon became the highest-selling beer in Mexico. 

Why All The Hype For Mexican Beers?

Mexican beer receives a lot of hype because it is unique. Their lager properties make them unique and popular. Mexican beer is unique because the brewers use corn, barley, and other plants.

Their taste is also different, and they have fewer fruity esters. Moreover, Mexican beers have a mild taste and light bodies. It has also helped the Mexican people extend their heritage and culture to other people in many different countries. 

The 11 Best Mexican Beers You Need To Try

Some of the best Mexican beers you need to try include:

1. Corona

Two bottles of cold Corona Extra on wooden table
If you’d like, add a little lime to enhance the flavor.

Corona Extra is a pilsner-type of beer that is very popular across the world. In Spain, it is known as Coronita as a sign of respect to the Spanish royal family. It is arguably Mexico’s most famous beer in the whole world and not Corona Light. 

People usually take Corona Extra with lime. They can rub it on the rims of the bottle or even insert it in the beer. Some say the lime helps with flavor, while others say it helps repel flies hanging around the bottle. The alcohol by volume in a Corona Extra is 4.5%.

2. Tecate Original

Tecate is among the best Mexican beers for the mass market. The beer features a delicious blend of hops and malt. It is a pilsner-like lager which is not bland because of its Vienna lager history. Tecate Original has an alcohol by volume concentration of 4.6%. Tecate light has an alcohol concentration of 3.9%.

The strength of the alcohol is average which makes it easy to drink. It has a champagne-like flavor since it has a sweet corn aroma and a slightly bitter finish. Tecate is a beer we would recommend any day of the week. 

3. Negra Modelo

Negra Modelo is a Premium lager with a smoother and richer taste than other light beers. The amber lager also has a more toasted barley flavor than light beers like Pilsner. Furthermore, it is a malty beer that makes an ideal drink to bring to the beach or barbeque. 

It has an alcohol concentration of 5.4%, which is slightly stronger than the average concentration. Negra Modelo gets these properties due to its slow brewing process.

4. Modelo Especial

Happy men drinking beer together
Get together with some friends and enjoy one of the best Mexican beers.

Modelo Especial is another Pilsner-style lager with rich, crisp, and refreshing properties. It has a lighting body, and well-balanced taste, and an orange blossom honey aroma. Modelo Especial has a 4.4% ABV. The beer has a citrus element which becomes stronger when you use a lemon. Market research shows that it is one of the best-selling beers in the world.  

5. Bohemia Classica

Bohemia is one of the older Mexican beer brands with European inspiration, starting with the name, which has Czech origins. The first brew of the Mexican Bohemia lager was in 1905.

It has an ABV of 4.7%, which is average. Bohemia has a subtle fruit aroma that features hints of vanilla and cocoa-like bitterness. It has a pale color and a good balance between sweetness and bitter hops.

6. Noche Buena

Noche Buena is one of the best Mexican beers mainly because of its alcohol concentration. It has an ABV of 5.9%. Noche Buena is Spanish for goodnight. You can look forward to a good night if you drink this beer in moderation because its 5.9% concentration is above average and can easily sneak up on you.

It is a Bock-style beer for the winter season, making it popular during the Christmas holiday season. Unlike other bock-style beers made of barley, Noche Buena is made of malt and has strong hops and sweet toasted grains.

7. Pacifico beer

Pacifico beer is a Mexican brew with German Origins. Three German experts opened a brewery in Mazatlan and first brewed Pacifico beer in 1900. The beer gets the name Pacifico as an inspiration of the Pacific Ocean because Mazatlan is a port city with access to these Ocean.

Pacifico beer has some similarities with Corona, but it is more floral, crisp, and refreshing. It also has a slightly watery texture and a robust malt presence.

You can also enjoy it with lime, just like Corona. Pacifico beer has an alcohol concentration of 4.5%, which is suitable for many drinkers. It is also ideal for drinking on a hot summer day like most light Mexican lagers.

8. Carta Blanca

Women toasting with drinks
While out dancing with your friends, try one of the best Mexican beers to refresh yourself.

Carta Blanca is quite similar to Estrella, and many people have a hard time telling the two beers apart. Its concentration is weaker than most beers, with an alcohol by volume concentration of 4.0%. Carta Blanca is also less flavorful than most beers, but it is an excellent choice for drinking a fresh pale lager. 

It is also one of the best Mexican beers for outdoor barbecues, after-workout beer, or any other scenario where refreshing yourself is key. Moreover, consider Carta Blanca if you want to drink large quantities without getting too drunk.

9. Victoria

Victoria is a Vienna-style beer with a beautiful golden amber color. It is a traditional beer from the Grupo Modelo brewery, which is the oldest brand in Mexico. Victoria’s aroma and taste are similar to Austrian Pilsner styles. It is harder to find this beer outside of Mexico like some popular competitors, but its popularity grows.

Victoria has an ABV of 4.0%, suitable for people looking for a beer with lower alcohol strength. It’s available in different flavors, including star fruit, tangy apple butter, and honey. People also prefer Victoria due to its light body.

10. Sol

Sol is a great option for those who prefer light lagers. It is similar to Corona, although it is less popular. The drink goes well with almost any food which makes an excellent refreshment on a hot summer day and an excellent choice for one of the best Mexican beers. It has an average ABV of 4.5%.

It has very low bitterness and is a product of one of the oldest breweries in Mexico, which launched the beer towards the end of the 19th century. The word ‘Sol’ means ‘Sun’ in Spanish.

Small light beers are an excellent option for refreshments on a sunny day. It is lightly golden and features a hint of corn flavor. Give it a try with some beachside tacos to complete the experience.

11. Dos Equis Lager

Last but not least on our list of the best Mexican beers is Dos Equis Lager. Dos Equis Lager is a golden Amber beer made from the choicest hops and spring water. The name Dos Equis has a more full-bodied and richer aroma than most beers on this list.

Dos Equis lager has an alcohol concentration of 4.7% and is very similar to German Oktoberfest-style beers. The campaign and commercials of the most interesting man in the world have made the beer popular, especially outside Mexico.

Mexican Beer FAQs

What is the most popular Mexican beer in Mexico? 

The best-selling beer from Mexico is Corona. It is also the best-selling beer in the US, UK, and Australia. It is also available in over 150 other countries.

How many types of Mexican beers are there?

Mexican beers fall into different categories. There are many different types, and some of the most popular include:

  • Pilsners 
  • Mexican lager 
  • Vienna-style dark beer 
  • Vienna-style light beer 
  • Munich-style dark beers

Furthermore, many Mexican locals prefer cocktail beers, also known as a michelada. It is a tasty mix of beer, lime juice, and spicy sauces such as tabasco, soy sauce, clamato, Worcester, and other similar ingredients. 

What makes Mexican beers different?

Mexican beers are unique because of their larger properties, mild tastes, and light bodies in most brands.


There are several good beers from Mexico. If you look at the international beer market, there is enough for you to sample every few days. Moreover, for fun, try one of the best Mexican beers on our list the next time you visit your favorite Mexican restaurant. 

You can also take them to a family gathering, barbecue, or your own Cinco de Mayo celebrations. Try some of the best Mexican beers on this list and let us know which one is your favorite.

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