Hot Scotchie

Home Brewing Tradition: Hot Scotchy

My friends are big scotch drinkers. There have been many days that I have been called out for a scotch and cigar night with the guys. Recently I learned of a new way to enjoy this great alcohol. It’s called a hot Scotchy. This is a great drink to enjoy while you’re brewing or to make on a cold day with friends.

To make this wondrous concoction you will need someone with some home brewing experience and some home brewing equipment. If you’re like me, you didn’t have to leave the house to accomplish that. Next you will need to brew a beer that you like. I guess you could brew one you don’t like but the scotch will fix that. You should think of a beer that would go well with scotch. To make a Hot Scotchy you will be using your wort pre-fermentation, if you have tasted your wort before fermentation (as you should) you know how sweet it tastes.

All a hot Scotchy is, is your favorite scotch mixed with a brewed beer straight out of the brew kettle. You can make a normal sized batch and steal a little of the liquid of the top before it gets cooled down. Or you can make a small batch and serve them at a party, or to your friends. They are a great drink for cool weather or any weather in my opinion. I have actually seen home brewers go to a local bar and provide the brewed wort for the bar. Then the bar mixes the drinks and sells it to its patrons. This could be great for fundraisers or special events.

It’s fun to experiment with different beer styles to mix with your scotch. Maybe making a hot Scotchy out of your brew can become a little brewing tradition for you. Wherever or whenever you decide to partake in this amazing drink, I hope you enjoy it.

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