Brewing For Fun

Wonders of Mead

Have you ever had a day where you were tired of beer? Me neither, but there have been times where I would have loved something sweet to sip on after a nice day of brewing.  There have also been times when I run into the non-beer drinker. I don’t like to leave anyone out of …

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Thank God For Jimmy Carter

A quick scan of Wikipedia’s page on presidential ranking shows that Jimmy Carter has almost always been one of America’s least regarded presidents. However, politics aside, all homebrewers should have a soft spot in their heart for the 39th president, because without him, our noble hobby might not exist. After prohibition ended in 1933 there …

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Home Brewed Beers

From Recipe to Beer: Knowing How Your Beer Will Turn Out

As a homebrewer you need to be able to look at recipes and have an idea of how they will end up tasting, otherwise you are playing an expensive guessing game. The first concept, you have to understand when reading recipes is bittering. Bittering refers to how bitter your eventual beer will be. International Bittering …

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